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Free online XML syntax highlighter. Just load your XML and its syntax will automatically get color coded. There are no ads, popups or nonsense, just an awesome XML highlighter. Load XML, get its syntax highlighted. Created by developers for developers.
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Highlighter Options
Use special symbols for newlines and tabs.
Print line numbers before XML code.
Change color of closest pairs of brackets.
Highlight line under cursor.
Xml highlighter tool What is a xml highlighter?
This tool highlights the syntax of Extended Markup Language (XML) documents. XML tags, strings and attributes get hilited in different colors. It also hilites XML errors, if you input a malformed XML data. If the data has errors and can't be parsed then this tool will try to color code syntax error's or typo's location and will also print the cause of error. This XML hilighter also has a bunch of options for highlighting current line under cursor (so you can insantly see where the cursor is), highlighing pairs of braces, printing line numbers before XML code, and highlighting special symbols (for better visibility).
Xml highlighter examples Click to use
Highlight Valid XML
This example highlights the syntax of a valid XML document.
<list> <entry roasted="slow">Pork</entry> <entry important="no">Cheese</entry> <entry steamed="yes">Ham</entry> <entry flavor="lemon">Tea</entry> </list>
Highlight Invalid XML
This example is not a valid XML document. The editor will print the error message and display error location in red.
<body> <h1>The Button</h1> <button disabled>Can't touch this!</button> </body>
Pro tips Master online xml tools
You can pass input to this tool via ?input query argument and it will automatically compute output. Here's how to type it in your browser's address bar. Click to try!
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