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Free online browser-based XML editor. Just paste your XML and you'll be able to view and edit it in your browser. There are no ads, popups or nonsense, just an awesome web-based XML editor. Load XML, edit XML. Created by developers for developers.
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XML Editor and Viewer Options
Preview tabs and newlines.
Adds line numbers before every line.
Show pairs of matching brackets.
Change background of current line.
Xml editor tool What is a xml editor?
This tool is a browser-based XML (Extended Markup Language) document viewer and editor. It works just like a regular XML code editor, except it's written in JavaScript and works in your browser. Just like all modern editors it supports automatic error checking and syntax coloring of XML tags. Error checker will try to understand the cause of the error and show its location in red color. You can also fine-tune the XML viewer to your liking by enabling or disabling certain cosmetic features, such as special character rendering, active line highlighting, matching parenthesis highlighting, and line numbering.
Xml editor examples Click to use
Edit a valid XML document
This example loads a valid, but weird-looking XML document in XML editor so you can try it out.
<object> <string name="response"> What?! I thought this was JSON! </string> <number name="timestamp"> 1523384059409 </number> <array name="list"> <boolean>true</boolean> <boolean>false</boolean> <number>0.300000000004</number> <boolean>false</boolean> </array> </object>
Edit an invalid XML document
This example loads an invalid XML file with an invalid XML comment. This makes the editor throw an error.
<root> <trunk> <branch> <leaf></leaf> <leaf></leaf> <apple></apple> <leaf></leaf> </branch> <branch> <!-- A bird is sitting here. -> </branch> <branch></branch> <branch></branch> </trunk> </root>
Pro tips Master online xml tools
You can pass input to this tool via ?input query argument and it will automatically compute output. Here's how to type it in your browser's address bar. Click to try!
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